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Real Estate Photographer

 Our rates offer value and quality:

$95.00      -    20 - 25 Images          Most popular

$125.00    -    35 - 40 Images          Medium / Large properties

$150.00    -    45 - 50 Images          Large Properties

Photo Virtual tour - $25.00

Video (Drone) added to Photo Virtual tour  - $35.00

Custom packages available

Let us help you and your clients sell their home quicker by showcasing their property with Professional Images and Virtual Tours. A first impression is important to sell a property quickly and for the highest possible price. Today most buyer start their search for their dream home by looking in the internet, by having professionally taken images to look at they can narrow their search.

Drone Virtual Tour

​A Drone Virtual Tour gives your property an additional marketing tool. By combining the video from the Drone along with interior and exterior photos it will highlight your home to all prospective buyers.

Virtual Tour

A Virtual Tour is a fantastic way to showcase any property. A slide show using the photographs set to music.

How to Prepare your House to be Photographed

The better your house is prepared to be photographed the better the photographs will be. Think like a buyer, your house needs to be like you would show it at an Open House.

Interior: The house should be free of all clutter, news papers magazines, Kids and Pet toys. Any extra furniture, you want your house to look large and spacious. The Bedrooms need to have the walls clear of any posters and the beds made with your best linens. The less personal items the better, such as family photos or awards. We understand that your memories are precious however you are trying to sell the house. Please replace any burned out or missing light bulbs.

The bathrooms should have all personal items put away such as haircare items, toothbrushes and trash cans. Place Fresh towels and a new roll of toilet paper.

​The kitchen should have any child-proof latches removed. Any extra appliances should be put away (the buyers want to see how spacious the house is and it gives them a way to see their items in the house). Brighten up the kitchen by having a large bowl of fruit, such as oranges or apples.

When we arrive all the lights should be turned on and the curtains and blinds open. And please turn off any ceiling fans.

Exterior: The front and the rear of the house should have all clutter removed. All vehicles should be out of the driveway and also not parked in front of the house. The grass should be cut and trim any bushes to give your house a better curb appeal. Put away any water hoses, trash cans and yard tools. The same for any of the kids and pet toys. This is the buyers first impression.

We are able to move a few things and make adjustments for you.

​Please also keep Fido and Fluffy put away.

If you are selling a rental that is still occupied, you need to get the renters to co-operate, we can't do that for you.